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Since its establishment in 1997, J-Stream Inc. has been a pioneer in video streaming services, providing a wide range of methods and styles to transmit information and deliver content. Today, we offer a one-stop service, from the production and operation of websites and the planning and production of content, tailored to the type of information customers want to provide, to a high quality and stable delivery service that supports all types of devices.

Content Delivery Services:

As a leading online video distributor, J-Stream Inc. delivers video and audio content of any kind, including music, movies, events, corporate briefings, education, and advertisements, to any kind of devices via the Internet.
Online delivery of video and audio content to a large number of viewers requires the development and stable operation of network and server that can support a huge volume of data and large numbers of accesses. It is, however, difficult for one company to prepare that infrastructure. The J-Stream Group provides content delivery services for corporate customers, including media companies and content providers, who wish to distribute content via the Internet. With our services, customers can deliver their content whenever they need without investing in their own servers or constantly monitoring the operational status. We have our own content delivery network (CDN), which supports large numbers of simultaneous viewers, to ensure stable delivery even on special occasions, such as an event, when tens of thousands of viewers or more access the site simultaneously.
In addition, we also provide web application services that accompany content delivery, including an authentication function, which allows content delivery to a limited audience, a copyright protection or digital rights management (DRM) function, a charging and settlement system for the sale of content, and domestic/overseas detecting delivery, which restricts access from overseas.

About CDN (content delivery network):

In general, rich content, such as video and audio, is larger in size than the HTML files and text that make up the website, and the delivery of such content via the Internet will impose a significant load on the network. Especially when a large amount of rich content is delivered from one location at the same time, traffic will be concentrated, which then deteriorates the response and slows the transmission speed. This can be overcome by upgrading the server and line, but it is a very costly investment that you do not need if accesses are limited.
To address this issue, J-Stream provides a solution with a distributed network called CDN, offering a stable high-speed delivery to even tens of thousands viewers. We provide CDN for many corporate customers, including content providers, to enable them to distribute high quality and stable video and audio content to end users anytime and anywhere.

Creative Services:

Online delivery of video and audio content will require not only the content, but also a website on which the content will be placed and from which it will be distributed. J-Stream has a complete production system, from the planning of the website where a company places its content to the production of the content itself, such as video, and the prerequisite steps to create content materials. With the know-how we have developed through out experience in distributing online video since its early days, we also provide a reliable service to distribute live video via the Internet from various events sites. In addition, we strive to meet the needs of our customers by taking advantage of synergies realized with our group companies operating in the fields of video production, web production and management, and system development.


Video production (content planning, video recording/editing, and direction on online live sites), voice recording, website production, encoding (digitization of existing videos, conversion of video files)

Advertising-related services:

In recent years, we have seen growing use of video advertising on the Internet. J-Stream offers ad planning and production with a focus on video ads, production, media planning and more.