J-Stream Inc.

As the first company to offer streaming services in 1997,J-Stream has been synonymous with streaming services and always will be.

About Us


For Media Companies

In addition to delivering video data to the media sites of media companies, including TV stations and newspapers, we help them moneytize through online ads. We enable them to develop their business through multiple channels by delivering to devices in addition to PCs, including mobile and gaming platforms, digital signage, and TVs.

For Content Providers

We provide music companies, film companies, animation production companies, and other content providers with one-stop support in their online content delivery business. In addition to such content protection as DRM, our services encompass billing and settlement technology. This enables multi-device-based content business, with delivery to both PCs and mobile technology.

For the Business of Ordinary Companies

We provide ordinary companies with support for the practical application of video and rich content in such business activities as product promotion, IR, recruiting, customer support, and employee training. We implement online seminars and live broadcasts on company Websites, as well as the delivery of presentation content.

For Mobile Businesses

We provide support in the mobile delivery of digital entertainment content, including video data and Flash, to companies that use mobile sites in conducting their business. This enables them to conduct their content business and transmit information without having to worry about different codes and standards from one carrier to the next, which is a problem specific to mobile sites.


Streaming/CDN/Live Broadcasts

We support major video servers including Flash Media Server. Content are delivered through our neutral wide-area load distribution CDN. We provide on-site support for live broadcasts. We have the best streaming delivery performance in Japan.

Service for Mobile Telephones

Services we provide include content delivery to mobile phones for Japan’s three major carriers, information delivery for NTT DoCoMo’s iChannel, ASP services for Flash generation and updating management tools, and encoding.

Rich Content and Mobile Content Production

We provide services in Flash-based rich content production for PCs and mobile technology, and video content production for Web delivery. We also offer enhanced security service for contents protection, including DRM.